About the Conference

Understanding the dynamics of health insurance business, policies, strategies and models... The various existing and future technological advancements and platforms that are shaping the current market scenario and will be game changers in near future... Discussions on all this & more by Who’s Who of Health Insurance Sector @ FICCI 9th Annual Health Insurance Conference 2016!

The focus of this year’s conference is to identify innovative ways to make health insurance coverage universal while at t h e s a m e t i m e m a i n t a i n i n g t h e profitability and hence sustainability of the sector. Key enablers of the central theme will form the topics to be discussed during various sessions. The sessions will focus on penetration, digitisation, operational efficiencies, all of which will tie into the ultimate objective of providing appropriate health insurance coverage to a large set of patients. Given the m ulti- faceted nature of the aspiration, the conference will bring diverse stakeholders viz. government, regulator, health insurance industry, healthcare providers, TPA, social health insurance schemes, medical technology companies etc. to ensure that the discussion and outcomes are desired, pragmatic and sustainable.

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Focus of the Conference

  • To deliberate upon the strategies, policies and need of innovation in products, delivery, service as an imperative to match the customer expectation and deliver better value proposition.
  • To understand the vision of the government towards the development of health insurance sector, given the challenges that the sector faces today
  • Assess the gap, consumer needs, future requirements and global trends to synthesize learnings, implications and way forward for India in the context of providing enhanced customer experience and service.
  • To discuss and find out ways of integrating technology with Health Insurance, and understanding the current technology trends, which are affecting consumer behavior.
  • Discussion on the various aspects that should be considered while designing suitable health insurance products, in the near term.
  • The Conference would gaze into the near future comprising of new digital ecosystems that may radically alter business models, benefit structures and expand the consumer offering from financial protection to better health.
  • To take stock of various policy & business developments and recommending the way forward to enhance health insurance penetration.
  • To disseminate the work done by FICCI Health Insurance Committee in the current year.

Why Participate….. ??

  • Obtain regulatory updates and vision for the sector from the government and regulator.
  • Understand the dynamics of health insurance business, strategies and models.
  • Understanding the various existing and future technological advancements and platforms, that are shaping the current market scenario and will be game changers in near future
  • Sharing of FICCI’s research work in the form of a Knowledge Paper in the area of Primary & Preventive Care
  • A unique platform to Network and collaborate with a conglomeration of Industry leaders, government representatives and policy makes under one roof.